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One to One and Pairs Guitar Lessons in Clapham, Battersea and South West London: London Guitar Lessons

1-1, Pairs & Small Group Lessons

  • All ages, levels & styles catered for - lessons are relaxed but focussed, giving you the confidence to progress steadily with materials tailor-made to your tastes.  All guitarists experience having a tutor who'll regularly & supportively hear them play as a strongly motivating factor.
  • For beginners - the early stages of the guitar are sometimes the hardest, so clear information & varied & inspired lessons will help you through. Early 'bad' habits can be formed, so lessons can be invaluable here. If you can commit to around 30 mins daily practice you'll be amazed at your progress!
  • Players with more experience - according to your taste, a selection of songs from over 200, personally transcribed, from the 40s right through to today's music, complete with strumming & fingerpicking - not just lyrics & chord markings!
  • Specialised help on accompanying yourself while singing. And personally written materials on improvising, song-writing, rhythm & lead guitar & great ways of applying the wider skills of musicianship. 
  • For more advanced & professional students - writing & reading rhythms so as to aid communication with other musicians or reading full notation.  Connecting what you're hearing to your soloing & writing.  Applying chord theory allowing you to play/memorise a huge range of chords.  Using scale patterns to open up your lead playing. Transposing songs to suit your or your singer's voice.
  • Annual performances - the ultimate motivating factor! Great evenings giving all students the chance to perform to an audience that's very much on their side.
  • Blues & Jazz guitar jams & open mics - for players beyond beginners - regular visits to London's thriving jam & open mic scene, giving you the essential experience of playing live in a band or performing your own material.

Pairs & Group lessons

  • As long as your home has just enough space you may have a friend or a few friends you want to study with.

  • Learning with others lets you experience the excitement & challenges of playing as one with other people. Collaborating can also be a strong motivating factor for keeping up the practice!

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