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One to One and Pairs Guitar Lessons in Clapham, Battersea and South West London: London Guitar Lessons

One to one and Pairs Lessons

  • Lessons have a relaxed but focused approach, playing music that you enjoy including rock, pop, jazz, indie, blues, funk, and other related styles. You can also look at music which blurs genres.
  • Elements of classical technique are also built in where relevent.
  • All ages. From total beginners through to intermediate and advanced professional levels. Learn using an electric, acoustic steel string or classical nylon string. Right or left-handed students equally welcome.
  • The graded exam approach will suit some students at some stages of their development. All Trinity Guildhall Plectrum Guitar and Rockschool Grades 1-8 are taught
  • You'll learn to play on your own and crucially how to jam and create music with others.
  • You can learn by ear, using guitar tab, by reading music or a combination of these.
  • We can make suggestions on choosing a guitar, repairing and maintaining your instrument.
  • Course packs are made available so that you can build on your lessons at home
  • We can teach you how to accurately transcribe your favourite songs or solos.

Pairs lessons

  • You may have a friend you want to study with, or we maybe able to match you with another student with similar tastes and abilities.

  • Learning with one other person allows both students to get into playing with other people. It is also a cheaper alternative to one to one lessons.

  • Please call or email for further details.

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