After years of dabbling in guitar, picking bits and pieces up randomly I finally decided to get some lessons to make sense of it all. The fog started to lift from the first lesson with Nico thanks to his ability to convey his in-depth knowledge of both theory and playing in a practical and easy to understand manner. His calm and relaxed demeanour immediately puts you at ease which facilitates the learning process immensely, and along with his warm encouragement gives you the confidence to stretch yourself beyond what you thought you could do. Nico draws the best out of you in such a casual way that it often takes you by surprise, but one thing is for sure - every lesson is thoroughly enjoyable. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Dion Pidgeon, Herne Hill.

"Nico is an extremely patient teacher!  His teaching method is clear and he is always willing to go through the lessons until they are completely understood. Being an adult learner, this is invaluable.  He also has an holistic approach to teaching guitar informing not just on theory and playing the instrument but on good posture and excercises as well.  I have no hesitation in recommending Nico as a great guitar teacher"

Bec Stewart, Clapham

"We are delighted to have found Nico to teach our daughter, who was six when she started lessons 18 months ago. It is great that he comes to our home, making it easy for us to fit our lives around the lessons. Nico keeps her interest and enthusiasm going by varying the focus and the home-'play' exercises every week, and by responding to her interests and tastes. He has been teaching her how to sight read conventional notation and other kinds of guitar-specific notations, but manages to do this in a way that the learning is never too dry. She has made really good progress and enjoys playing, and looks forward to her lessons. We would thoroughly recommend Nico to anyone seeking guitar lessons for their child."

Simon and Bipasha, Clapham

"Nico is a very passionate teacher and musician! His influences vary from jazz to rock to classical so he can teach just about any style. I especially enjoy learning jazz from Nico, as he makes the concepts and theory easy to understand, and the lesson always ends up in a little jam session! If you need first-class guitar lessons from a first-class teacher then look no further."

George Karpasitis, Euston.

Nico has been teaching my 10 year old daughter for 2 years. He is an excellent teacher, who has a real enthusiasm for his subject. My daughter has made good progress and her confidence has steadily grown. I attribute this to Nico's calm, patient and supportive manner. He has an informal, relaxed approach to teaching guitar but at the same time remains completely professional. Nico is creative and varies the lessons to keep her focused and on task. He encourages practice between lessons by regularly setting a selection of ‘homeplay' tasks, geared towards her musical interests. Nico is an accomplished guitarist but at the same time has a genuine interest in teaching. He is always punctual and completely reliable.  I have no hesitation in recommending Nico as a guitar teacher for all ages.

Janet Watkins, Battersea

"Nico has been teaching my 9 year old son Jacob guitar.  This has been a perfect start for Jacob.  Nico is patient, thoughtful and creative in his approach to teaching.  He has also made it a really fun experience.  Jacob really looks forward to his guitar lessons and has been making great progress.  I would confidently recommend Nico as a guitar teacher and we feel very pleased to have found him."

S. Roberts, East Dulwich

"Nico is an enthusiastic and fun guitar tutor whose lessons are tailored to match the individual.  Personally I have found his accompanying tutorial notes especially useful.  I would certainly recommend him highly to anyone in need of guitar lessons."

M. Tialobi, Brixton

"My 9 year old son is enjoying his guitar lessons with Nico very much. The lessons are varied and Nico is encouraging and responds well to my son's musical interests. It's also very convenient that he will teach in our home."

Alisoun Batterham, Balham

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